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Are you interested in becoming a dealer with Cabinet Corner?


Cabinet Corner has been supplying quality products and services in Winnipeg since 1995. We offer experience, knowledgeable advice and skilled employees to make your ideas come to life!

​For over 20 years, we have been serving Winnipeg and its surrounding communities by manufacturing custom cabinetry for the home or workplace right here in our warehouse.  Our projects range from simple and practical to stunning and luxurious.


Why Cabinet Corner?


Here at Cabinet Corner, we believe the workmanship and installation of our cabinets is what sets us apart.  We have subcontractors whom we trust fully to make sure every kitchen is installed properly.  We take pride in our work because we treat every project as if it were going in our own home.

  • We use solid 5/8” backs on our cabinets creating the most solid box on the market

  • Our drawer bottoms are solid 5/8” material creating a stronger box but also a lot more moisture resistant

  • Any large drawers in cabinets wider than 23” gets stronger drawer glides in the event they are loaded with heavier items.  These glides have a 100 lb capacity

  • Any doors that would have glass inserts automatically get soft-close hinges to prevent rare situations where the glass could be broken

  • We are FULLY customizable.  If you request a cabinet that is 14 ¼” deep, we will do this at no customizing cost

  • We specialize in thermofoil and take pride in the quality of thermofoil we provide because, yes, the quality can vary

  • All cabinetry is made in Winnipeg allowing quicker response time and improving local economy

  • Quality hardware from companies like Blum, Accuride and Rev-a-Shelf

  • We use a mortise and tenon glued construction.  It means it’s strong.

  • Backs are reinforced with screws, not just staples

  • Adjustable shelves have a standard 7 holes of adjustment each

  • A lot of thought went into designing cabinetry with the utmost standard to aid in cost, installation, longevity and usability

  • Corner Base shelves are made in 1 piece making them stronger

  • Upper cabinets have a standard depth of 12 ½”


Please enter your information below, and we will contact you as soon as we can to get started!

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