The first thing you would need to consider is what the doors would look like for your kitchen or bathroom. 

This includes the material, the style and the colour.

Door Materials
Door Styles
Door Colours

The next item you may need to decide on what will cover your bathroom or kitchen cabinetry. 

Countertops come in a few basic types, laminate, granite, quartz, and cultured (sometimes called engineered).

Cultured Stone
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Finally, you would need the measurements of the kitchen or bathroom needing cabinetry.  It is best to measure the total length of each wall in the room, including windows, doorways, ceiling height and any other obstacles that would intefere with the location of cabinetry.  It would also be helpful to let us know if the cabinetry you would like would be finished to the ceiling.

Measure the total length of each wall in the room, including windows, doorway, ceiling height and any other obstacles that would interfere with the location of cabinetry.

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Cultured Stone

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